Cannot post a bug report yet, but I need to

Hi everyone, I’m a new member here.
I need to post a bug report with only one link to a gist file, but I continuously get an error saying I cannot post more than two links, since I’m new.
How can I post my report then?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

PS: I get the error even if I remove that only link.



I had only one link in my post to a mail-provider. And even after removing that I still get the same error and am not able to post.

I’ve heard that a lot. Unintentional side-effect of our anti-spam system defaults.

I’ve gone ahead and upgraded the maximum links for first posters from 2 to 10. Hope that helps!

@Ojd2000 @MalEbenSo If you continue to have problems, please let me know via PM.

This solution has worked for me.

I could report my problem:

Thank you.

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