Change the listing of the emails to show content of email at first glance?

I really want to use an open source email client but almost all of them use the same interface as thunderbird. So a list with emails without a short display of the context (content) of the mail. This is how it looks on my 27 inch WQHD Display:

but I want it to show like this:

I know that this is possible because both screenshots are taken with MailSpring. I just resized the window of the application. Is something like this possible in the settings, because it looks like it is already there?

Not quite sure what you’re asking. At present, Mailspring decides which of the two views to use based on the width of the column containing the message list. It’s not ideal, but I’ve found a size that makes it show the message-preview line and that works for me! (Using the two-panel view in combination is what works for me, so that the message preview is a third column to the right of the message list.)

Yeah, I see that the MailSpring is deciding the layout based on the width of the columns. But I want to force it to always look like the second image.

OK, so at present I don’t think that’s possible. All you can do is set up the layout so that you get the version you want. It’s not ideal, I agree, but there’s no way around it ATM.