Continued Illegal Use of Debit Card

I have submitted multiple cases, sent quite a few emails, and requested you all stop charging me every month for this as I do not use it and never intended to use it. This has been going on since March. You have charged me $7.99 every single month and I have consistently requested that you stop. I need my money back from the charge you just made today and all other charges since April that I have been requesting. I am a PCI-QSA meaning payment card industry risk and compliance assessor. I can file official charges and get your merchant processor to stop accepting charges for cards of any kind. I have tried over and over and over for months to cancel this, but you all will not respond.

I suggest someone figure this out and reach out to me. immediately. I can’t even login to know properly submit a request.


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Additional Context

This is the community support forum for Mailspring, I’m afraid, and not the business that takes your subscriptions. The author and founder of Foundry376, who’re the business behind Mailspring, is Ben Gotow. There’s a fair amount of complaints here on the forum about lack of response from them, unfortunately. I hope you get this sorted soon.