I can't USE Mailspring! id.getmailspring.com can't be reached

I am a Mailspring PRO subscriber.

On a new clean install on Fedora 36 (X11), I cannot log into the Mailspring Service.

I get “id.getmailspring.com” can’t be reached.

Please help.


To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Expected Behavior



  • OS and Version: Fedora 36
    • Installation Method: Both RPM & Flatpak
  • Mailspring Version: Latest and greatest

Additional Context

I’m also getting the same 503 error from Mailspring?
have decided to change mail clients and wanting to cancel my subscription (even though ive paid for the year its become so unstable so moving on) however where those details are kept I can’t access…

the link looks like is working now, but to cancel or manage your account follow the link to https://id.getmailspring.com/login here you will find all the details.
Thanks hope that helps

Still having issues

Took more than 5 minutes until I managed to download the .deb installer (frequently hitting 5xx errors)

Now it’s installed, it can’t start without loading stuff from your website (for sign up?) …

If you’re not planning to spend too much resources on this at least you could decouple it from your systems?

Host the installers in Github and allow set up without your login