Mailspring 1.9.0

Hey folks! I’m excited to announce we’ve shipped Mailspring 1.9.0, which includes major open source contributions from folks in the community (for vertical two-pane mode, new localizations and more!) This release also upgrades us to Electron 8 and adds the ability to use Mailspring without creating a Mailspring ID. Thanks to everyone who contributed and provided feedback for this release!



  • Mailspring no longer requires a Mailspring ID! You can opt-out in the app’s setup flow and connect your email accounts without first creating a Mailspring ID. Doing so disables features that require paid APIs and cloud data storage (send later, read receipts, etc.), but you can opt in and create an account at any time from Preferences > Subscription.

  • Mailspring has moved to Discourse for bug, feature, and issue management, and the app now links to resources in the community instead of Zendesk! (#2263)

  • A third display mode allows you to vertically stack the inbox and message panes! (#2243)

  • Preferences > General now allows you to choose “Send and Archive” as the default send behavior (#2295)


  • On Linux, a new desktop action allows you to compose new e-mail #2276

  • Emails with an unsubscribe link now display an unsubscribe option above the message body (#2275)

  • Closing the main window when the system tray / background notifications are disabled quits Mailspring (#2279)

  • Portguese, Korean, and Czech are now verified localizations, thanks to @smarquespt, @Indosaram and @BlueManCZ!

  • “Run on Startup” UI state is now persistent #2265 (#2266) (Thanks @codemouse92)

  • The tray icon does not appear multiple times on linux (#2262) (Thanks @Phylu)

  • Decrease container minWidth to allow window to snap to half a screen (#2283)

  • Background start now works in maximized mode (#2259)

  • Select all keyboard shortcuts now match your OS as well as the shortcuts template (#2260)

  • A new menu item allows you to “Mark All as Read” in one action (#2164)

  • Handle nautilus-sendto links (#2291)

  • The subject header now appears in expanded message view (#2293)

  • Messages containing large blocks of machine-generated text (eg adaptivecards) no longer take forever to display.

  • Emails with reminders now display the “header toggle control” in the correct position.


  • Mailspring now uses Electron 8.5.5 which includes performance improvements and security patches.

  • “Toggle Localizer Tools” has been removed, please use PRs to submit localizations!


Just came here to say thank you! I started paying for Mailspring once I heard this release was planned and that calendar integration was on the way. Thank you!


Hola Ben :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Me alegro de ver el duro y apasionado trabajo de llevar todos los errores (con sus duplicaciones) hasta aquí y más si veo los anuncios de 1.9.0

Quiero ir por la versión de pago y si bien entiendo que tienen muchas preocupaciones, sería ideal tener una hoja de ruta y que sigan creciendo.

Un gran abrazo desde ni querido país Chile

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¡Bienvenido a la comunidad, Carlos! Estamos feliz porque usted está aquí.

Welcome to the community, Brian! Glad to have you here. I’m looking forward to the Calendar integration too.

Does this version fix the Protonmail problems yet? I haven’t used mail spring in a while because it didn’t work with it, so just waiting and hoping that will be fixed at some point.


That’s still on the roadmap. You can see the latest on that and vote for that functionality here: ProtonMail Bridge IMAP