Old Mailspring Roadmap

Since the old ROADMAP.md is hopelessly out of date, and probably not the best way to track that moving forward, given our shiny new Discourse, I’m just dumping the still-active feature plans here for now:


Goal: Build a beautiful CalDav and Google Calendar interface that can be opened in a new window or as a tab in the main window, making Mailspring a full replacement for the calendar-contacts-email suite.

Email Signing

Goal: Allow users to sign outgoing email with a certificate, and verify the signatures of signed inbound email.

Mail Merge

Goal: Make it possible to use a Template and a spreadsheet to batch-send emails with open / link tracking. Nylas Mail used to have this feature but the implementation confused users and didn’t handle sending errors well. The new version will

Theme and Plugin Browser

Goal: Make it easier to download and install community themes and plugins from a trusted, centralized “gallery”, like the Chrome Web Store. (No immediate plans to allow to enable paid plugins.)

Electron 11

Goal: Move Mailspring to a newer Electron release and make the necessary changes to support it.

Sync Issues

Goal: Make it possible to connect and sync any IMAP account with Mailspring. The project is close but still encounters sync issues with small or unsual IMAP providers.


Advanced Mail Rules

Goal: Create a new UI and revamp the mail rules engine to enable mail rules based on custom JavaScript code. Could enable really advanced workflows to be automated if we did it right!

Contact Management

Goal: Replace Mailspring’s built in contacts list (which is based on email headers) with one that uses CardDav and syncs with Google Contacts / O365 Contacts and allows full contact CRUD.

Please consider supporting Sieve (RFC 5429) too. Sieve support would allow the same script to be used either on the server side or on the client side (eg for servers that don’t support server-side Sieve filters). Not as powerful as JavaScript-based filters, but the ability to use the same editor for both client-side and server-side filters would be powerful.

I posted a related feature request:

This topic is just to store the info from the old ROADMAP file I removed from the repository. I’m not actually the project owner. Whether sieves are implemented is more up to @bengotow than I.