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I would be nice to have a way to either create virtual folders combining selected other folders, or to be able to mark arbitrary folders as inboxes.

Use case:
I have one IMAP server where I collect mail from several other mail accounts. Each mail gets sorted by the mail server into appropriate sub folders. Therefore I have multiple “inbox” folders in my IMAP account. I would like to have one (virtual) folder to rule them all so I can have a quick overview over new email, independent from their source.

Does this feature exist in another mail client or tool you use?

Yes. For example in Evolution you can create so called “search folders” with criteria matching multiple source folders. Then that folder will show all mails from the selected folders combined.

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Hey! Search folders are actually on the roadmap and I think it’d be the best way to handle this in the UI. Step 1 is a minor refresh of the search bar to make the advanced logic more obvious (you can do in:inbox OR in:folderA but it’s unclear), and then I’ll tackle this.

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I also need this feature. I use subfolders for splitting my subscriptions (like a News/Global , News/Russia , Work/Important , Work/Support , etc). Also I use this way for configuration of notifications: for instance I don’t want to get notifications about any News subfolders but I really need to get the notification for the Work subfolders.

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Chiming in that I’d like this.

In particular, I have a handful of rules/filters that sort some mail into a few buckets (Alerts from google drive, trello and basecamp; Invitations from calendly and gcal; Newsletters I subscribe to; Promo messages from vendors; Forum conversations lists and forums).

Often when I’m looking for a particular message I know that it is one that is not in my inbox (b/c I archived it) but I want to search everything but those buckets. They’re all subfolders of “Categories” in my filing system.

So it would be a lot of AND NOT IN: searches to make a useful archive folder that avoids the noise of all those alerts and invitations.


@amandabee Make sure you vote for this Feature at the top of the topic. That helps us prioritize.

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I voted, but just a vocal and hearty yes please!

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