Shared link no longer working after update


after upgrading to 1.10.1-b2e69c4b, my shareable link is not working properly.

  • Email are not updating to the link
  • I cannot share link, error 504 gateway timeout
  • Cannot view the share link

Please assist what can i do?

Can you please provide more information regarding the link? Where/How exactly did you create it? Can you provide an example link?

I have been using the links since December 2021. on daily basis.

After the update, my application crashes.

Here is the exact guide I follow.

I share by clicking on the Arrow shape button and check the option to share the link

Here is an image of the error.

Screenshot 2022-03-29 192818

hi, is this happening to anyone else?

I just tried this on my Mailspring and it works as expected. Does this still happen to you? Maybe it was just a hickup with the server.

is related (duplicated)