Upgrade to mailspring pro but it's not working


I just upgrade my Mailspring today, yet I can’t use the other feature

I tested if it will track the opens and clicks, it is not working.

Are the other Pro features working (e.g. snoozing emails)?

Yes, but it is unable to track clicks, and the open not working properly.

Tracking clicks and opens isn’t usually a terribly reliable feature, because it depends on the recipient’s email client processing the embedded codes in the sent email. Many people disable those features (or they’re disabled by default) for privacy and security reasons.

How were you testing the tracking features?

Still not working properly, I use my other email to test this feature. I did not disable that as I needed it.

By “other email”, do you mean another account that you’re reading in Mailspring, or a completely separate account that you read at work or in a webmail page etc.?

You have to enable these feature when composing an email by clicking the corresponding icons at the bottom of the compose window, was this the case?


I did that already, and I sent it one of my gmail address. Then open the email I sent and clicking the links.

So, to check, you don’t see either the feed update or the icons appear against the email you sent, as per this help page?