Zimbra // mailspring sync

as proposed by CodeMouse92 on Github (issue #304), I reopen the issue about sync Zimbra/mailspring troubles. In short, the synchronization between Zimbra and mailspring has a strange behavior. what I have in the reception box in Zimbra do not correspond to the emails I have in Mailspring.

with Zimbra(online) and Mailsping 1.8.0, I noticed two things:

  • when I read an unread email in zimbra then this email appears again in Mailsping.
  • If I switch the “missing” emails in unread alternatively read in Zimbra, then all this emails appear again in Mailspring… But they disappear again after a few minutes. :frowning: . I just have the emails of today and yesterday.

Hi @jbbarse,

Thanks for reporting this. I’m marking it to be looked into soon. Just a heads up, we do have a fairly extensive roadmap, but stay tuned. I won’t let this one slip by.

Duplicate Issues

Emails Disappear From Inbox · Issue #304 · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub (this one)

@jbbarre Do you have a Zimbra installation, where you can create an account for testing for me? Then I will have a look at it.

Cheers Phylu

Unfortunately not. Zimbra is the email server of the university I work for. I am only a user and don’t have access to the server as a sysadmin.

I can provide you with account on Zimbra if it helps you to push the issue forward.

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Any progress on this?? My mailspring always stuck at forever sync issue… tested it on windows and linux version…

@alveox If you don’t see an #accepted tag and a link to a PR, you can assume no “progress” yet. There a literally hundreds of things to fix and improve, nearly all of them Very Very Urgent in someone’s eyes, but Mailspring development is all done in free time.

Please read: About the Sync Issues category

Voting on an issue will help raise its priority, but we cannot realistically make promises about when we can work on something, as much as we wish we could!

Noted… Thanks for that…

I have the exact same problem, however I don’t use Zimbra, I use ProtonBridge from ProtonMail to access my email. Emails appear when opening MailSprint, then promptly disappear after a few minutes. When I click into All Mail, and back into the Inbox they reappear.

I’m running the latest version of Arch Linux. What information can I supply? This issue is quite annoying.

Hi folks
The zimbra problem occurs also for my institutional account… Hoping it will be solved soon, as I love this tool and would pay for it