400: Bad Request when using Office 365 authentication


Authenticate my account against Office 365, as usual, and get an 400 Bad Request return code


Basically, every 24 hours I have to re-authenticate my Professional Office account (domain does not belong to any Microsoft domain). Today, when doing the authentication, everything went fine (OAuth screen poped-up and went back to the application) but found the following error:

OAuth Code exchange returned 400 Bad Request: 
{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"AADSTS9002327: Tokens issued for the 'Single-Page-Application' client-type may only be redeemed via cross-origin requests.\r\nTrace ID: 07ae90c2-7e48-4c3a-8961-c62618c54800\r\nCorrelation ID: e54fcc6b-739c-4f03-a5ca-222725966235\r\nTimestamp: 2022-03-02 14:44:33Z","error_codes":[9002327],"timestamp":"2022-03-02 14:44:33Z","trace_id":"07ae90c2-7e48-4c3a-8961-c62618c54800","correlation_id":"e54fcc6b-739c-4f03-a5ca-222725966235"}

Email Provider

Office 365 Professional Account


  • OS and Version: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Installation Method: Snap
  • Mailspring Version: 1.10.0-06926efb

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