Login to Office no longer working


Login / Reconnect to Office results in a 400 Bad Request.

Office reports a successful login, but MailSpring can’t process the answer or is using an outdated/invalid grant/scope. I can’t find any debug logs of the authentication requests.

320400 [2022-03-02 08:01:52.926] [background] [info] Fetching XOAuth2 access token (office365) for 259a6058
320400 [2022-03-02 08:01:53.373] [background] [critical]

*** Mailspring Sync
*** An exception occurred during program execution:
*** {“debuginfo”:"Sign in to your account RETURNED {“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“AADSTS700084: The refresh token was issued to a single page app (SPA), and therefore has a fixed, limited lifetime of 1.00:00:00, which cannot be extended. It is now expired and a new sign in request must be sent by the SPA to the sign in page. The token was issued on 2022-02-28T08:27:26.2594659Z.\r\nTrace ID: 9637feb4-a091-4a8a-ade4-05cdccca8100\r\nCorrelation ID: 7bee19c1-9f0b-46da-a8ad-9c973a5c909d\r\nTimestamp: 2022-03-02 07:01:54Z”,“error_codes”:[700084],“timestamp”:“2022-03-02 07:01:54Z”,“trace_id”:“9637feb4-a091-4a8a-ade4-05cdccca8100”,“correlation_id”:“7bee19c1-9f0b-46da-a8ad-9c973a5c909d”,“error_uri”:“https://login.microsoftonline.com/error?code=700084"}",“key”:"Invalid Response Code: 400”,“retryable”:false,“what”:“std::exception”}

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to preferences Accounts tab
  2. Click on the “+” button at the bottom
  3. Select “Office 365”
  4. Authentication process is startet
  5. Microsoft Office reports a successful login
  6. MailSpring reports a bad request

Expected Behavior

Login is working successful and I can see my mails. This was working 1 week ago.



  • OS and Version:
    ❯ cat /etc/os-release
    ID_LIKE=“ubuntu debian”
    PRETTY_NAME=“Pop!_OS 21.10”

  • Installation Method: snap

  • Mailspring Version:
    ❯ snap info mailspring
    name: mailspring
    snap-id: 0TyNxgP6wEM3nTXzymtc1wOnvl2P6Iij
    tracking: latest/stable
    refresh-date: 2 days ago, at 22:52 CET
    latest/stable: 1.10.0 2022-02-28 (510) 153MB -
    latest/candidate: 1.10.0 2022-02-28 (510) 153MB -
    latest/beta: 1.10.0 2022-02-28 (510) 153MB -
    latest/edge: 1.10.0 2022-03-01 (511) 153MB -
    installed: 1.10.0 (510) 153MB -

Hello, I have had the same issue login to office365 since upgrading to Mailspring 1.10.0.

I unfortunately have the same issue.

Same issue here, seems like O365 connections got borked somehow?
Arch Linux running mailspring 1.10 - anybody find any workarounds aside from downgrading back to 1.9 (which won’t open with latest package upgrades on arch unless use --no-sandbox)?

Also - anybody try re-adding the account to see if any different vs reconnecting an existing one that was there pre-upgrade?

(Also duplicate under sync issues - 400: Bad Request when using Office 365 authentication )

@F1nny, I have just tried re-adding the account still the same error:
OAuth Code exchange returned 400 Bad Request: {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"AADSTS9002327: Tokens issued for the 'Single-Page Application' client-type may only be redeemed via cross-origin requests.\r\nTrace ID: b45b2eb0-1800-40e0-bf21-cc0fb3da2600\r\nCorrelation ID: bea3a193-757e-4e23-8e73-cce60419f77f\r\nTimestamp: 2022-03-03 09:57:31Z","error_codes":[9002327],"timestamp":"2022-03-03 09:57:31Z","trace_id":"b45b2eb0-1800-40e0-bf21-cc0fb3da2600","correlation_id":"bea3a193-757e-4e23-8e73-cce60419f77f"}


Exact same error here:

OAuth Code exchange returned 400 Bad Request: {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“AADSTS9002327: Tokens issued for the ‘Single-Page Application’ client-type may only be redeemed via cross-origin requests.\r\nTrace ID: 07387f22-5043-4264-a6b7-275ccdf66200\r\nCorrelation ID: 6abfd984-2b66-46b1-a228-1dac6f1d133b\r\nTimestamp: 2022-03-01 13:35:45Z”,“error_codes”:[9002327],“timestamp”:“2022-03-01 13:35:45Z”,“trace_id”:“07387f22-5043-4264-a6b7-275ccdf66200”,“correlation_id”:“6abfd984-2b66-46b1-a228-1dac6f1d133b”}

This effectively makes Mailspring useless for business/work accounts sadly.

It looks like the issue is caused by using an SSO page with Office 365. In my case, after switching to DUO for SSO it broke Mailspring. I was able to confirm this also break with other third-party SSO providers IE okta.

What’s weird is this isn’t a problem in 1.9 / can roll back and it works (granted can hit the crash bug if running newer dependencies/arch or rolling release) - and a quick peruse I didn’t see anything relevant changing in the O365 linking between 1.9 and 1.10, but this is also the first time looked through the github so not unlikely i’m missing something.
From what could find on the AADSTS9002327 error, usually occurs when there’s no Origin in the header of the request, but again it wasn’t in there in 1.9 so why it’s different now not super clear.

I was trying to quickly add Origin to the header to the request in app/internal_packages/onboarding/lib/onboarding-helpers.ts but unfortunately I can’t get mailspring to build locally and ran out of time fussing with it. If anyone has a working build env setup could give it a quick shot just to see if any different - but may not have any impact / may be completely off :laughing:

Also note this was just for quick testing purposes, this function is not only used for O365 accounts so could negatively impact other currently working connections (ie gmail).


Same here: Running MacOS Monterrey v 12.1

OAuth Code exchange returned 400 Bad Request: {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“AADSTS9002327: Tokens issued for the ‘Single-Page Application’ client-type may only be redeemed via cross-origin requests.\r\nTrace ID: 45f0da69-c3b4-4153-abbf-bfcb8c5a5b00\r\nCorrelation ID: 51765dbe-f433-4222-949c-a3ce872a10ed\r\nTimestamp: 2022-03-09 20:34:46Z”,“error_codes”:[9002327],“timestamp”:“2022-03-09 20:34:46Z”,“trace_id”:“45f0da69-c3b4-4153-abbf-bfcb8c5a5b00”,“correlation_id”:“51765dbe-f433-4222-949c-a3ce872a10ed”}

It’s happening the same to me. I can’t connect my Office 365 account with Mailspring 1.10. I had to install the 1.9.2 version again. This older version works fine.

My OS is Ubuntu 21.10, and I installed the .deb package.

Anyone have a working build env setup? If so and could try building the change in the patch above then toss the build up somewhere I can test it, otherwise/anycase this weekend I’ll try to get my node build env working :+1:

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If I downgrade from 1.10.0 to 1.92, login works.

If I upgrade to 1.10.1, sync with office 365 works for about a day, then I have to reconnect and get the oAuth error.

Downgrading, works again. Nuts.

Linux mint, Ubuntu focal

Having upgraded to 1.10 I’m now stuck. 1.10 has the problem outlined above, reverting to 1.9 now crashes if I try to attach a document.

It isn’t obvious that this problem has been picked up by Mailspring - does anyone know if a solution is being actively worked on?

I’m new to Mailspring. Thought it might be the savior for 365 accounts on Linux, but I’m hit w/ the same bug. We use Okta for MFA, so not certain if that plays a part as the error seems identical to the OP. Reverting to 1.91 does work, but I haven’t used it long enough to see what other issues may arise on the older version.

Got the same issue, does anyone know if this is being worked at all?

@F1nny What kind of build do you need, to test this?


When I try to log in to my office 365 email address I get the following message:

Sorry, we have trouble logging you in

And the following error:

OAuth Code exchange returned 400 Bad Request: {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“AADSTS9002327: Tokens issued for the ‘Single-Page Application’ client-type may only be redeemed via cross-origin requests.\r\nTrace ID: 68919119-2633-4af9-bf0f-900345ba1e01\r\nCorrelation ID: 0ae7879e-6bbf-4868-b6b6-e86293b32a7d\r\nTimestamp: 2022-03-09 19:44:50Z”,“error_codes”:[9002327],“timestamp”:“2022-03-09 19:44:50Z”,“trace_id”:“68919119-2633-4af9-bf0f-900345ba1e01”,“correlation_id”:“0ae7879e-6bbf-4868-b6b6-e86293b32a7d”}

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Option 1: Reconnect email

  1. Open mailspring
  2. Scroll down to Red alert saying you cannot be authenticated in bottom left corner
  3. Click reconnect, browser opens
  4. Enter your email credentials in browser
  5. Observe the error described above in mailspring app

Option 2: Add office 365 account

  1. Open mailspring
  2. Click mailspring -> add account...
  3. Click office 365
  4. Enter your email credentials in browser
  5. Observe the error described above in mailspring app

Expected Behavior

I am able to connect my office 365 account.



  • OS and Version: macOS Monterey 12.2.1 (21D62)
    • Installation Method: installer
  • Mailspring Version: Version 1.10.0 (1.10.0)

Additional Context

Mailspring required to re-login every day to my office 365 email, which I did without any problems for a couple of months, but as of today (09. March 2022), I am no longer able to re-login to my office 365 email.

Hey there!
I’m sorry to know that you cannot connect to your account…
Are you new to Mailspring? Have you used Mailspring before? If so, is this because of the update (1.10.0) since this error happens?
If so, you can try reverting Mailspring to 1.9, however, as you are a Mac user, I have no idea how to do so, peoples I’ve helped were using Windows… :confused:

Hi, thank you for your answer.

I am using mailspring PRO version since 07/2020.

I am not really sure when I last updated, but the problems started happening today, and I do not recall upgrading maispring either today or yesterday.


Then it is probably related to one of the latest update of Mailspring, a recent update (That you might have installed automatically without being aware) made things a bit buggy for everyone, as such it might be your case too.
I will forward this error to the development team ASAP! I’ll keep you up to date if I have news!