A more readable Windows tray icon new mail badge

The Problem

The New Mail blue dot on the system tray icon (WIndows) is barely readable. Has very little contrast with the inbox tray design on a dark theme, this issue has been referenced before relating to the Linux client, and the icon has been updated for Linux but not for Windows.

Proposed Solution

In the discussions regarding the Linux version the Slack tray icon for new messages was given as an example, basically having a more saturated blue.

Alternative Solutions

Just copy the Linux icons over to the Windows version.


Can’t some developer just copy the MenuItem-Inbox-Full-NewItems@2x.png from the darwin folder to the win32 folder system tray assets?

It looks like it was an oversight not to update the win32 system tray icons also when the other were updated.



When the tray icon for new email ( MenuItem-Inbox-Full-NewItems@2x.png) was updated for Linux and macOS with a more readable icon:
The Windows tray icon wasn’t updated. The same reasons as to why the icon was changed (readability) also applies to Windows, so that’s why I flag it as a bug.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Install Mailspring on Windows and on Linux and compare when new mail arrives.

Expected Behavior

The icon should be the same.



  • OS and Version: Windows 10 (20H2)
  • Installation Method: Installer
  • Mailspring Version: 1.8.0-8983dca2

Additional Context

I added this as a Feature Request earlier:

… But realized later this problem existed because the developers didn’t update the win32 folder system tray assets like they did for linux and darwin.

EDIT: I actually disagree this should stay as a feature request, the discussion was already done about this back in 2019 (see Context), I filed as a bug report after reaching the conclusion that the discussion that icon change had been implemented in Linux and macOS but Windows was completely overlooked. So in essence it is not cross-posting, it’s more the fact that I did not access the situation correctly when I posted as a feature request.

Still better to update an existing post, rather than create a new one. Besides that, this remains best listed as a Feature Suggestion.

Since you’re aware of the cause, you may consider actually creating a Pull Request with the changes.

Although I appreciate the empowerment that open source can bring to people, the fact is I’m not a developer, and what would be a simple task for dev to do, I would basically have to learn what a pull request is and how to do it, the reason I have a Github account is so I can post, I’m not a developer.

The issue I’m reporting is clearly an overlook that has been missed, no one using the Windows version will drill down as far as I’ve gone to unearth the reason why, but I think I’ve pretty much done all that is reasonably expected from a user to do. It’s up to the conscience of you developers to correct what is an error.

No one will also vote for this, because no one who views this forum cares about the issue, only Windows users, and they would have to go through quite a great length to reach here and vote for this (create a github account, etc), most likely if th eissue is annoying enough they’ll ditch this client for something else, which is what I almost did.

Thank you for your understanding.

In fact, for the amount of work you’ve put into merging the posts and replying you could’ve done the pull request yourself. Sorry, I had to say it.