About Bundles

Mailspring’s development schedule and release cadence is often unpredictable, due to many factors. To guide development efforts, we have adopted a technique known as Bundles.

A bundle is a larger goal — for example, an improved address book or better composer experience — with multiple related feature suggestions and bug reports.

When everything aligns to add a new batch of features to Mailspring, we will often select a single Bundle to focus most of our attention on. We may also slip in part of one Bundle while working on another, depending on what makes sense.

Where are the dates? When will X Bundle be done?

You may notice that there are no dates on the Bundles. Rather than promise a particular functionality by such-and-such a release, and then have to go back on that promise because of various factors, we choose just to accept that things will be done when they’re done.

I want you to work on X Bundle first!

We do take community feedback into consideration. As you may have already noticed, you can vote on feature suggestions and bug reports, which helps raise it in terms of priority.

In the same way, you can vote on Bundles! We’re far more likely (although not guaranteed) to work on a Bundle that has greater community support before we address one that isn’t as popular.

Will you definitely work on all the Bundles?

We hope to, although the timing is never promised, and the exact set of features and bugs may change.

Can I help with X Bundle?

Just because we haven’t started work on a Bundle doesn’t mean you can’t. Everything in a bundle is an effectively approved task (although that is sometimes subject to change). If you see a Bundle that matters to you, you’re welcome to take it on and start creating plugins and submitting PRs.

Why can’t I create a Bundle topic here?

While anyone can reply in the Roadmap topic, only Contributors and Staff can actually post new Bundles. You should check out the other categories for reporting issues, suggesting features, and discussing development.

How can I tell a task is part of a Bundle? Can I add it?

We tag all issues that are part of a bundle with #accepted and a #bundle- tag, as well as list the task in the Bundle topic.

Only a Contributor or Staff member can add tasks to Bundles, at our discretion.

This sounds great! I think having folks vote on bundles is a good way to collect feedback and prioritize - in the past, we’ve collected GitHub “Reactions” to specific issues, but it’s been hard to collect all the reactions to an entire concept in order to prioritize development. Bundles should make that a lot easier.

I think bundles are also called “Epics” in some other tools, but bundles feels a bit friendlier!