About the Bug Reports category

Report bugs in Mailspring itself.

We do this here in Discourse, so we can keep our GitHub Issues focused on confirmed and prioritized tasks, instead of letting bugs backlog for all eternity.

For problems syncing with an email service, see #sync. For issues with the Mailspring service itself, see #service-issues.

Vote for bugs you are experiencing! Higher voted issues are more likely to get higher priority.

Please follow the provided template. Once you post your bug, we will evaluate the bug and determine if and when to address it.

Please remember: Fixing bugs isn’t as easy as it looks:

  • The developers have to replicate the bug, to (1) confirm it’s ours, (2) diagnose it, and (3) know when it’s fixed.
  • We have to identify the cause of the bug in our very large code base. This can take anywhere from minutes to months.
  • We have to actually fix the bug. This could be a simple fix (a missing semicolon), an insanely difficult task (completely rewriting a thousand-line file), or anything in between.
  • Mailspring depends on a lot of other software — Electron, OpenSSH, etc. etc. — so bugs and design decisions there will affect us.

If we can’t replicate your bug, don’t worry — we don’t believe in the dreaded wontfix tag around here. We’ll usually just tag it as spooky until it’s either confirmed, determined fixed, or otherwise resolved.