About the Feature Suggestions category

Suggest and discuss Mailspring features.

We do this in Discourse, so we can keep our GitHub Issues focused on confirmed and prioritized tasks.

Vote for features you like! Higher voted features are more likely to be implemented.

When posting a feature suggestion, please follow the provided template. Once you post your feature suggestion, it will (probably) be discussed by the community, and may be planned for a later release of Mailspring.

Just remember: We can’t do everything! Our developers have to be very selective about what features we add.

  • Our developers, mostly volunteers from the community, only have so much time. It can take weeks or months of effort to develop a feature.
  • It takes just as much effort, or even more, to maintain a feature. We have to budget that ongoing effort.
  • Features we add to Mailspring should fit naturally into the project as a whole, and add value for many users.
  • Nobody likes a cluttered interface. Adding a billion options makes everyone unhappy.

Even if you offer to build it yourself, it may be rejected for any of the reasons above. Do not fret! You could always build a Mailspring plugin to provide the feature.

One of three things will happen with your feature suggestion:

  • It may sit for a while, so it can gather community response. Popular, highly voted features are far more likely to be accepted. Controversial features, less so.
  • It may be Declined. This means we’ve decided it should not be added to Mailspring. Declined feature suggestions can still be implemented as Plugins.
  • It may be Accepted. This means we’ll be adding it to a later release of Mailspring. Be advised, the finished result could look quite different than what you propose — it’s our responsibility to keep Mailspring on target.
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