About the Installation & Packaging category

Issues surrounding installation, packaging, and distribution of Mailspring.

We do this in Discourse, so we can keep our GitHub Issues focused on confirmed and prioritized tasks.

Please follow the provided template. Once you post your issue, it will (probably) be discussed by the community, and may be planned for a later release of Mailspring.

A few things to remember:

  • Every system is relatively unique. It’s impossible to make Mailspring work everywhere.
  • Our compatibility is limited by Electron, which Mailspring relies on.
  • It can take anywhere between days and months to add support for an environment.
  • Officially support for an environment is a significant investment of time and effort: we have to be prepared to test and debug on that platform.
  • We prefer packaging systems that work on a wide variety of platforms.

With all that considered, we are most likely to focus on environments and operating systems with a signficant number of users.

We may be more likely to add support for a platform if someone is willing to take full long-term responsibility for testing and packaging on that system.