Absent attachments not detected in French when using "joindre"

Hi. When writing emails in French which include attachments, it is very common to use the verb “joindre” instead of “attacher”. At the moment, using the latter (or any of its variant) but forgetting to attach anything results in a warning when trying to send the email, as expected.

However, doing the same but using any variant of the former is completely disregarded. This is most unfortunate because French speakers tend to use the phrase “ci-joint” (as in “attached”) more often than “attaché”.

(Originally posted by EcksD33 on GitHub.)

Hey! Thanks for pointing this out—if anyone is interested in fixing this, I think it’d be a great starter issue! You can see the existing code for this if you search the codebase for validateDraftForSending . We might just want to check for a few more phrases to catch ci-joint .

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)