Accidentaly closed all E-Mail Accounts - how to recover?

Hi there,

I use Mailsprings newest Version on Mac - one day, I had Mailspring open and accidentaly pressed “Command ⌘ + W” a few times - which closed all my open mail-accounts in the left navigation bar, until only one was left and the window was closed. I can’t find any option on how to show them again - sending new mails to the missing accounts also doesn’t make them reapear…

Please let me now if you know how to reanable the accounts!

Thank you very much for your support!

On macOS, the CMD-W key combination simply closes the Mailspring window, but the application continues running. You can re-enable the window again by either of the following:

  • Click the Mailspring icon in the Dock (bottom bar on most Mac systems). This should show the window again.
  • Or, click the Mailspring icon in the menu bar (at the top) and show the window again.

If you can see the window but the accounts are missing, something different has happened and you’ll need more help. Let us know.

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Hey fcgreg,
thank you very much for your reply!

Of course CMD-W closes the window, like CMD-Q quits the window.

But like the individual tabs closing in a webbrowser, when pressing CMD-W in a Mailspring window, the different accounts I added to Mailspring dissapear from the sidebar until one account is left. When I press CMD-W again, the window closes. Quitting the application and reopening it doesn’t return all the accounts, only one is left in my sidebar. Reconnecting the accounts also doesn’t return them as far as I tested it!! D:

Best regards

Thanks for providing more detail. The reason I asked is the behavior you’re describing is NOT the default behavior of Mailspring. Have you changed your Appearance / Layout settings? If so, do you remember what settings you used? (Is your main Mailspring window still loading so you can view your Preferences?)

As a possible quick-fix:
What happens when you press CMD-1 ? Does that bring all of the accounts back in the left sidebar?

I don’t remeber doing any advanced layout modification, except from changing appearance to another preset in settings - no third party presets/layouts installed.

Yesterday, I tried to restart the computer, end all mailspring related tasks in macs task manager - none of which helped.

Then I (again) completely removed and readded one of my accounts in the account manager - and all of the other accounts (which were visible in the account manager in settings the whole time) just reappeared with it.

I tried to replicate the issue again today (Pressing CMD-W when Mailspring is open and different accounts and Mails are selected) but it just closed the window like it should…

So maybe a background update fixed that? I’ll try a bit more and let you know if I can replicate the issue another time - until that thank you very much for your help! :smiley:

Best regards

Thanks for the update. Out of curiosity, did you try the shortcut: CMD-1 (on macOS)?

That command will show “All Accounts” in the left-side navigation bar, in case a different view mode was selected.

Unfortunately I read your answer after “I fixed it” :wink: I wanted to try, but as I said, I couldnt replicate the issue…