Action buttons on inbox in narrow mode

Hello community,

I’d like to request to have a Delete/Move to Trash button on top of each individual email in the list view. Currently, I have to either right click and delete it, or open the email and use the button on top-right.

The button could appear when hovering over the email, like the Star or Mark as Important buttons do. The position could be under the Mark as Important, or on the right as I show on the image.


(Originally posted by rafabr4 on GitHub.)

Hey! This is a great idea—right now these buttons do actually exist, but you have to use the “list” display mode or make the column more than ~500px wide to see them:


Seems like we could probably make them appear in the narrow mode as well!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Oh awesome! Didn’t know that, thanks. Having all options would be nice.

(Originally posted by rafabr4 on GitHub.)