Add a subject line to templates and categorize

One of the most usefull features of email clients are the templates and how they help to get things done fast.

I think that the fields feature and how you can quickly navigate through Tab is great, but the whole feature of templates lacks the ability for really premade templates with a prewritten subject line as well (maybe with a field - variable for better customization).

In my opinion this is more like quick replies than templates for sending an email because you always have to write the subject line. Which is not terrible but it does need some extra typing.

It would be also great that if you could organize the different temlplates to folders. I though meybe by creating a subfolder inside the templates folder could do the job but no :slight_smile: It didnt work…


Confused by marking this a duplicate. This is the forum for reporting bugs and requesting feature changes. At least, that’s how it’s billed! If you would prefer reports to go elsewhere, it’d really be better to make that clearer in how you put the forum together.