Add Draft Versioning

Could we add the ability to enable periodic snapshots of draft emails as they are being written? I just had Mailspring crash while I was finishing up a very long email and when it came back up Mailspring had overwritten my long email with a blank draft. If we had a versioning system as a simple backup it would have been possible to roll the draft back a few minute to a pre-crash state instead of having to rewrite the email and losing hours of work (lesson learned, I’ll write long emails in something with better crash recovery like LibreOffice Writer).

(Originally posted by ReillyBrogan on GitHub.)

Ahhh man I’m so sorry this happened. Mailspring does periodically save your draft as you work, but right now it only keeps the most recent copy.

I think the underlying crashing issue will be fixed in the next release when we switch to a newer version of the SlateJS text editor. There are only one or two more things I have to fix to be able to ship that, and I’ll try to knock it out tomorrow so we can start testing.

Sorry again for the hassle. If the new version of the text editor doesn’t resolve the issue we can definitely make it autosave versions or perhaps just keep the text/html of your draft on disk somewhere.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

We haven’t implemented this yet, but it seems like it might be worth considering.