Add github or other URL into signature creator

After 1.6.0 update/fix signature creator include url to facebook, linkedin, and twitter which is great. But unfortunately, not everyone own all, fb, linkedin, or twitter accounts including me.

Perhaps, signature creator could give more flexibility by adding “other URL” input and have user to pick up icon from there i.e. github, dribbble, youTube, reddit, pintrest and etc…

This would be HUGE beneficial, thanks in advance.

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Hey! This is a great idea—I think the icons we need are small enough that you might be able to allow someone to type in a “social URL” and then resolve it’s favicon by scanning default locations on that site, like

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I agree this sounds like a good feature, whereabouts is the signature creation .ts file?

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Yes please/ it would add even more use to the prettiest/sleakest signature creator i know. (and i know a lot of email clients).

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