Add "Mark as unread from this message"

Add the possibility in Mailspring to mark as unread all the messages of a thread from a starting message.

GMail offers such option and I am quite sure other online e-mail services do that too.

(Originally posted by ItachiSan on GitHub.)

Hey! Ahh man this would be really nice. I never noticed that feature in Gmail but I can see how it’d fit into a nice workflow.

Right now, Mailspring doesn’t really have a concept of message “selection”, which is becoming a problem. You can select a conversation and all the messages are shown, but in the message panel there’s not really a “focused” one, so we can’t reference a message in the app’s menus. I think we need to change this soon and they we can add features like this more easily.

Stay tuned!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)