Add WebDAV Account

Hi There,

I am wondering if someone can tell me how to add a WebDAV account for contacts into Mailspring.


If it’s any help, my contacts came in automatically from Google when I added each of my GMail accounts. So I’d suggest adding your account and seeing whether the contacts are picked up automatically. I guess, from your question, that you tried and they weren’t, though. I don’t think there’s a way to manually add a separate WebDAV account. Perhaps add this as a feature request? Is the issue that your contacts aren’t picked up as they are from Google, or that they’re in an entirely separate WebDAV-only service?

Hey @JohnP,

Thanks for your response. You are correct. I do not store my contacts on Google, Apple or other Multi-Stored locations like these. I use a service on a server I host and manage that simply provides my contacts to me by way of WebDAV. Because of this I require the ability to add a WebDAV contacts URL.

Most email applications provide this as an option, so I thought it might be somthing that I was missing. Where would I add a feature request?

Thank you for your time!

There’s an area of this forum for that. This does sound like something Mailspring should do and wouldn’t be too hard to implement. As with everything, though, how soon the devs can get to it will depend how many users need it!