Adding an,, or Account

Microsoft is my email provider. How can I add an,, or email account to Mailspring?

To add your,, or email address to Mailspring, please select the Office 365 option from ‘Add Account’ and enter in your email address and password for your account.

If your account is configured for two factor authorization then you will need to generate an app specific password: Two-Factor Authentication/App Passwords

In some cases, Microsoft will tell Mailspring that you entered an incorrect password even though it was correct. If this happens to you, see Invalid Credentials - #2 by system

This didn’t work for me. This is how I solved it:

Click the / Hotmail option (not the Office 365 option):

Then set up an app password:
Go here:
Click Advanced security options > Click Create new app password > Use that as your password option.

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