Additional 'Default' Notification Actions

The current banner/alert provides the option to view the message only, please could you consider adding [Delete Msg] [Archive Msg] [Close/Dismiss] as additional selection options?

Note - this is a request for reusing the existing default functionality: I appreciate that allowing for Customised/User defined notification actions is a separate ball game completely! :slight_smile:

If implemented, when combined with the request for enabling/disabling notifications per account, it would substantially cut down on interruptions/notification overload for users with multiple accounts and allow for improved workflow.


  • Sales email slips through SPAM filter >> Quick Delete
  • Read receipt from colleague >> Quick Archive


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Please add this! This is already a feature in the default mail client for Windows 10 and is extremely useful

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Bumping this… even w/o the added actions, just a “Dismiss” box would be grand, as there’s no way to unblock things that are behind the notification and the wait can be truly frustrating.

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