Adwaita Theme for Mailspring


Mailspring theme inspired by default Adwaita the GNOME theme.



Thanx man!

There’s any way to make a libadwaita dark version?

It is not impossible, but need some work, because you need to mimic the look and feel of the dark version. Honestly, I haven’t find usable information about the Gnome default widgets, so I had to reverse engineer the colors, transitions, button sizes, etc.

This version is good enough, although there are some visual glitches that bother me, so as soon as I have time, I’ll fix them.

If you want to try to create your own dark version, first you need to get the colors of the dark version and define them in color-variables.less and after that you need to locate the problematic element (mostly buttons) and fix the appropriate css selector in the .less files.

The good news is, this repo is a good starting point for that, because I’ve already done a lot of work on the look and feel, so you only need to change the colors to the ones in the dark version.

Hey! I was wondering if this theme works for MacOS?

It should work on all platforms. Try it.