Agreement error in the UI


<           `%@ messages in this thread are hidden because it was moved to trash or spam.`,
>           `%@ messages in this thread are hidden because they were moved to trash or spam.`,

I am not sure about this change. It seems that the it refers to the thread and not to the messages. So for me this sentence seems correct even if it could be misunderstood. However, I am no English native speaker.

@Phylu Good point; let me provide more context. Assume I have three messages in a thread, two of which have been deleted, the remaining one is in the inbox. The message displayed by Mailspring is, “2 messages in this thread are hidden because it was moved to trash or spam.”

If not all messages that belong to a thread have been deleted, I do not regard the thread itself to have been deleted. So, IMHO,

  • either something about the detection of which messages belong to a thread is faulty,
  • or the message displayed should refer to e-mail messages, not the thread, hence plural.

Please also compare source lines 50 and 55 to lines 39 and 44. If not plural on line 50, then why plural on line 39?

@oliver.gramberg That makes total sense now :slight_smile:

If you want, you can simply open a Pull Request on GitHub adressing the issue. You will just need to make sure that you replace the string in all translation files as well. But this should be easily possible using search and replace.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, I can also implement the change.

@Phylu I’d prefer if you’d do it. It feels like you know very well what you are talking about and the universe’s resources are more efficiently used this way … thanks.

Thanks for the info. I will implement it.

I don’t want to abuse this universe’s resources. :wink:

@oliver.gramberg This is tackled in:

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