🎷 Alternatives to Mailspring - recommendations are welcome

Please don’t turn it into a ‘complaint’ thread — Mailspring is a noble endeavor, and I would like to come back to it one day, but right now the amount of issues & bugs is just too overwhelming.

Recommend a good alternative to Mailspring. If you’ve tried it yourself, please note briefly how the experience compares to Mailspring.

I need something that can handle 8 inboxes & displays Gmail labels, these two are dealbreakers. Prefer to have a unified inbox option and a UI… less ugly/horrible than Thunderbirb or Outlook.

I rely on filters & labels to sort my mail, so I need to see them in the thread list:

I know many people are looking for a good Windows email client, so I’ll list what I’ve tested so far to help them as well:

  1. Bluemail
  • Looks neat, supports multiple inboxes.
    – Doesn’t display labels, gets very resource-hungry with multiple inboxes.
    If you don’t have many inboxes - check this one out, might be a good alternative for you.
  1. Windows Mail
  • Simple, reliable, clean UI
    – Doesn’t display labels, no unified inbox (you can ‘join’ the inboxes, but it really becomes just one inbox, no easy way to check them separately or distinguish the emails)
    Not as customizable as Mailspring, but kinda neat out of the box. Wish it showed labels.
  1. Thunderbirb
  • Could probably be set up to be fine if one spends enough time
    – Ugly, clunky, I hate it.

I should add: not limiting my search with free options, I don’t mind to pay for a good product.

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Try Mailbird. Its quite good. Been using it for some time. Added bonus, Calendar.
Fair warning, I don’t use Labels. Prefer searching to sorting. Too much effort :slight_smile:

Many of us have jumped ship from Mailspring now as it is largely abandoned with the bugs and various issues increasing.

I’ve returned to Thunderbird, simply because it just works - although isn’t perfect I must admit.

I’ve tried pretty much all others before but eventually left all of them due to encountering some issue or another.


Newton has a clean interface; I enjoy it.

Ooooh never used Newton - checking it out, thanks :+1:

I’ve tried everything mentioned here many times; keep going back to Mailbird for Win10 (bought the lifetime business w.a 75% discount), desktop Outlook is also coming along well* in the latest insider beta builds. But still a bit too much ‘noise’ for me -overall. Newton, too basic. Spark has been “coming soon” to Windows for yrs; I no longer believe them. If it finally came, I’d have to test heavily, but I’d likely switch to it for ALL of my platforms/devices.

*Never thought I’d say that!

Hi Jeannétte, the best solution for you would be the paid version of eM Client. I’ve been using it for a long time, since Mailspring can’t deliver what I need.

Mailbird and emclient are good rather better than Mailspring, but for it’s email tracking feature, which holds me back. None of other clients such as Newton, Windows mail, thunderbird etc have the same feature. Mailbird has partialy updated towards mail tracking

Over the years I’ve tried many different email clients. Sparrow was my favorite, but Google killed it.

I’m on Linux so my available options are even less that other platforms. Over the years I’ve thought about building a client. Even as far back as the late 90’s. I should have done it because still to this day there isn’t anything good.

So for me Mailspring is the best thing to use. I would use Thunderbird, but it’s just so ugly and cluttered. I guess it works well, but I can’t get past the interface.

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I am in the same as you, the lack of email clients on Linux is crazy. I was considering Newton, but i am a bit worried regarding their history and privacy.

I have even considered trying to get emClient working through Wine :smiley:

Yess yess… I loved MailSpring and I’m so sad to let it go. But because of the continuous bugs, I’m currently looking for a good free alternative. I’m appreciative of this post.