Annoying bug: a mail thread still return to the unread state few days after marking it as read


I have a mail thread in my mailbox that doesn’t stop returning to the unread status. Even if I read it, or mark it as read, after few days it retuns to the unread state.

To Reproduce…

I don’t know. It is difficult to reproduce if you don’t see the bug in your mailspring already.

Expected Behavior

The mail thread should return to the unread status.


Windows 10
I don’t know where to get mailspring version

Have you verified this is actually a bug with mailspring? For example, it could also be happening either server side or with another client.

Easiest way to test would be to stop using mailspring for a little while and see.

I can’t stop using mailspring for a whole week or 2. That’s not possible.

New update: even after deleting the whole thread, the thread returned back as unread !

Why not? There’s a lot of other clients out there. Without this type of verification you can’t actually verify that this is a bug with mailspring.

This is not reasonnable I use mailspring for more than 13 emails, I can’t spend my time reconfigurating a client and stop using Mallspring it for 3 weeks. Moreover, Mailspring can just open itself by accident during a reboot of the computer, or a mistake by myself. This is not realizible.

And secundly, 1o there’s not a lot of other free mail clients, there’s only thunderbird, and I already uses it for another purpose.