Apple theme for mailspring(linux)


This fork was created to fix problems on linux. There are 2 versions to choose from, one with standard window control buttons and whitesur, which matches perfectly with the whitesur gtk theme, which features modified window control buttons. See screenshots on the page.



Download files from github, unpack. Then click menu>edit>install theme

Looks really nice, but please make the same but in dark, I almost got blind when first installing it.

hi, take a look at this! Dark Apple Theme

I love open-source

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Hello. I looked, it looks very cool. I’ve seen a lot of requests from people to create a dark theme, including on the original theme, but I don’t have the skills to do it, but you did a really cool job.

I also had a bug related to non-working message control buttons on the “whitesur” theme, since I thought that the theme was not needed by many, I did not fix it, but after you wrote, I decided to figure it out and fix it. Unfortunately, this bug has been preserved in your theme of the design.

To fix it, you need to remove the following lines from the “apple-window-controls.less” file:

.sheet-toolbar .message-toolbar-items {
position: absolute !important;
right: 112px;
z-index: 2;

.layout-mode-list & {
right: 216px;

.layout-mode-splitVertical & {
right: 6px !important;

Also, to fix the jagged sidebar bug, remove the following lines:

.toolbar-MessageListSidebar {
width: auto !important;
left: auto !important;
right: 0;
.item-spacer {
display: none;

P.S I also really liked that you added a gradient, I love gradients and decided to optionally add it to mine too. Thank you.

I love open source too

Hi @hachikoharuno !! Thanks for the compliment. I just change some values but all the hardwork is yours. Thanks for sharing this theme!
Already changed on both themes the lines you suggested.