Archiving conversations leaves unread emails in the inbox but does not display them


When I archive conversations with multiple emails without explicitly reading all of them, Mailspring leaves the unread emails in the inbox and I can see them when I directly log into my email account. However, inside Mailspring these emails are not shown in either Inbox or Unread. I assume because Mailspring connects them to the archived conversation.

This way, Mailspring reports my Inbox as empty when it is in fact filling up with unread, hidden emails.

Expected Behavior

I expect Mailspring to move the unread emails to the Archive . Personally, I would also like Mailspring to mark the emails in a conversation as read when archiving.



  • OS and Version: Solus 4.1
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.6
  • Account type: IMAP

(Originally posted by FriesischScott on GitHub.)