Archiving shortcut selects all mail even though select-all has a different shortcut

Hey, I have a custom shortcut set up for archving the currently selected email. That shortcut works, but after the selected email has been moved, Mailspring selects all remaining emails in the current list. That interferes with quickly going through mail and deleting or archiving it. Is the “select all” action after archiving intended to work this way? I’m using the latest Mailspring on Linux. Thanks!

Mailspring always applies operations like archive and delete to the entire current thread, not just the most recent message. Yes, this is deeply annoying! (Personally, what really annoys me is the way it moves all my Sent emails out of Sent and into the folder I want to move the received emails into. I’ve only come across one other mail client that does this - it’s deeply non-standard behaviour that means MS doesn’t play well with other mail clients that don’t do this.)

The issue I am referring to is not that the archive action affects the whole thread, but that all remaining email threads are selected/highlighted after the one selected thread has been archived. The result is that I can’t simply proceed with the next email thread, but first need to deselect all thread. Makes sense?

So, if you archive the current thread (using a custom shortcut and not otherwise? from which initial folder?), the remaining threads are selected? I can’t replicate anything like that here (Mailspring 1.9.1, Kubuntu linux 21.04) but may not understand what you’re seeing exactly. Do you have just one email account or more? And is it GMail, IMAP, something else?

Hey John, I’m on the latest PopOS linux with Mailspring 1.9.1, using IMAP on two different email servers. I’ve changed the shortcut for archiving messages to Ctrl-A in the settings, and there is no other shortcut assigned to that combo. Your understanding is correct: I select one message in the unified inbox or in a folder (doesn’t matter where), press ctrl-A, and the selected thread is archived but all other remaining threads get selected. It’s like the shortcut does both archive the current thread and select all threads right after.

The root of the problem could be that maybe the shortcut for select-all that comes with the “Apple Mail” shortcut settings always remains active, even when another shortcut is selected. If someone can tell be how to set a shortcut to “none”, I could try deactivating it altogether.

Try setting it to something else initially (like Ctrl-Shift-A or Alt-A) and see what that does. It’d be odd if it’s doing both actions but worth a shot! (Does the ‘Select all messages’ action show any shortcut against it at the moment?)