Attachment removal

The Problem

Hi. I am switching from Evolution in Fedora Linux 33 to Mailspring. One of my favorite features from Evolution is to delete attachments, once they are read or saved. But I haven’t found such an option in Mailspring.

Proposed Solution

To add an option to delete or remove attachments once read or saved from received and read messages.

Alternative Solutions


Evolution is the only mail client I’m aware of having this feature. With a right-click over the message, one of the options provided is to remove the attachment from the mail server. Once this is done, the message displays like a “dummy” file in the attachment bar, with the name of the removed attachment. Useful for recovering space.


eM Client for Windows also has this. I know it’s possible in Outlook with add-ons and it also seems possible in Thunderbird. Anyway, I just upvoted this as it is a feature I use everyday and I keep eM Client just to be able to do this.