Authentication Error - Check your username and password. (IMAP) View Log on


AOL mail will not connect to the server. it has something to do with Authentication on the IMAP side. The incoming mail IMAP - settings are correct as well the outgoing Mail - The email password as well is correct.
here is the output error label that displays in the set up account on mailspring whe all the information its correctly typed:
"Authentication Error - Check your username and password. (IMAP) View Log on "



Email Provider



  • OS and Version: MAC OS Big Sur 11.5.2
    • Installation Method: App
  • Mailspring Version: V 1.9.1

I am having the same problem. If you find a solution please post it here. thanks

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same problem with rediffmail

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I’m getting the same thing with AOL Mail. Vote this problem up to get it resolved!

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Rediffmail users still exist. Kindly introduce automatic login interface for “Rediffmail”, as we are unable to login through manual procedure of imap/smtp.