Authentication problems after changing password


After I changed the password in my Institutional Gmail I have to re-authenticate every time I restart the PC. This error is reported in the config log file:

*** Mailspring Sync
*** An exception occurred during program execution:
*** {“debuginfo”:“ RETURNED {\n “error”: “invalid_grant”,\n “error_description”: “Bad Request”\n}”,“key”:“Invalid Response Code: 400”,“retryable”:false,“what”:“Unknown exception”}


The problem returns every time I restart the System.

Email Provider



Mailspring Version 1.9.1

  • OS and Version: Windows 10 Pro, Version 20H2
    • Installation Method: installer 64xbit
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.1

This is happening for me also on a hotmail account, using Windows 10 1.91 aswell.

Tried to delete the account and add again, but it didn’t solve.

This is happening to me as well - changed passwords on two Google accounts and I keep having to reconnect both after each system restart.

Mailspring 1.9.1, Windows 10 Home build 19042.