Automatic spell check not working as expected


Mailspring spellcheck seems to automatically recognise the language after a few words, as it says in the settings, but it still marks some of the first words as incorrect, although they aren’t. When right-clicking on a word, the same word is the first in the suggestions. The read underscoring disappears when either right- or left-clicking on the word, but reappears again after clicking somewhere else. The issue doesn’t seem to depend on the language, I can confirm it for English and German.



  • OS and Version: elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki
  • Mailspring Version: 1.2.1

(Originally posted by iuvbio on GitHub.)

Same problem here, on:
Fedora 27
Languages tested: English, German, French
Mailspring 1.2.1
No third-party plugins
Only tested on Gmail

(Originally posted by TheBigFatTony on GitHub.)

Have the same issue with German.
Ubuntu 18.04.1
Mailspring 1.7.6
Gmail account

(Originally posted by vgribov on GitHub.)