Avatar/Profile Icon on Inbox

Please add an avatar and/or profile icon next to each senders email addy. This has become an industry standard, it seems to slow me down without it. Visually, it’s a good thing and speeds up the work flow. An enable/disable feature can be added to the Preferences.

(Originally posted by christophlandon on GitHub.)

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Try this:

But consider this:

I would like hitchhike this feature request: I have hacked the plugin above so it works like a charm in the email list. However I havn’t found a way to replace the default-profile-image in the sidebar. Is there a way, a registry I could make to use the list icon in the sidebar?

I am browsing your code for 2 hours now and a little insight would be highly appreciated.

(Originally posted by Chinney on GitHub.)

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This is currently implemented beautifully with this plugin, which I’ve tested on 1.8.0:

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