Backspace not functioning when composing email


When composing email, the backspace stops functioning and can’t delete any characters. After that can’t select any text, any clicks will jump the text cursor to the beginning of the text and type from there.
Persists until app restart.

To Reproduce…

No clear idea. Sometimes doesn’t happen for two days, sometimes happens twice in two minutes.
I have a suspicion that it triggers on using diacritical signs (ī, ā, ū and such), but can’t really test it.
Edit: it just happened five times in a row and now I’m pretty certain that it happens when trying to type a diacritical signs, it fails, types a regular letter (e instead of expected ē, for example) and then the backspace is disabled.


  • OS and Version: macOS 10.15.4
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.4

(Originally posted by ivarsauce on GitHub.)

Hey thanks for reporting this—really crazy this is happening on macOS. I think you’re probably right that this has to do with the input method for diatrics, I’ll see if I can reproduce this soon.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

I am experiencing the same exact issue when composing mail using diacritical signs (I’m writing in Icelandic). More specifically the compose window hangs if the diacritical sign is not followed by a letter that can have a diacritical sign, e.g., q.

I am able to keep composing If I close the compose window and open a new one. That is I am not forced to restart the app, but this is nonetheless really annoying.

(Originally posted by multivac61 on GitHub.)

Update on this: it seems to be happening way less frequently. Also, an app restart is no longer neccessary - just trying to type another diacritical removes the problem.

No longer a deal-breaker problem, but unpleasant nonetheless.

(Originally posted by ivarsauce on GitHub.)