Backup user files can skip which mailspring files?

I’m creating a backup exclude list, and would like to skip backing up Mailspring databases and files other than mailbox account configurations and mail rules. No need to backup file and directory structures that simply cash the current state of email in an IMAP account when said email is already backed up on the server.

I see config/Mailspring/files and config/Mailspring/edgehill.db which are rather large, and while I would like to skip backing those up, I can’t seem to find a document that tells me where the mailbox account configurations and mail rules are stored. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Can no one share where the mail sorting rules are stored? Would be nice not to have to backup everything including the mailbox index (which is always changing) just to capture the mail sorting rules.

Hey! Many of configuration settings are available at %AppData\Mailspring, you can have a look there!
It is not advised to edit your configuration files manually however.

I finally found the answer on my own. Rules for mail sorting seem to be kept in “config/Mailspring/Local Storage”