Badge doesn't always appear on app indicator when receiving new mail

When you receive new mail and Mailspring is opened or minimized badge appears on app indicator in system tray, but if you close Mailspring while still active in background there is no badge on new mail.

Also badge could be larger or something because it’s barely visible anyway.

Using TopIcons Plus gnome extension to display Mailspring in system tray.

(Originally posted by goransimic on GitHub.)

FYI still an issue - there is absolutely no distinction. Telegram, Discord, Syncthing, everything else works great. It currently looks like this, and I don’t even know what it means:
Arch, Polybar, Mailspring from AUR.

edit: nvm I just noticed the icon changes from white to a very pale shade of cyan. That is not enough and I barely notice it, as most of my theme is already a shade of cyan. No badge though

(Originally posted by niraami on GitHub.)

Duplicate and related issues:

Same here. I installed libunity and it was already “Mailspring.desktop” since it was installed from Arch+kde (not deb). I get badges for all the other apps except for mailspring. This needs to be fixed ASAP.