Badge Icon doesn't show up on macOS Big Sur


I receive a new mail, I receive a notification and hear a sound. In the app UI badge icon in front of “Inbox” shows up fine.

Only issue is macOS dock icon which doesn’t show any badge.

This seems like a regression as I read on the discussion in Sep 2019 in Github issues that this issue previously was solved.


To Reproduce…

  • Set up a gmail account.
  • Receive a mail.

Expected Behavior

  • You receive a badge icon on macOS dock icon.



  • macOS Big Sur 11.6.2
  • Mailspring 1.9.2
  • Have set up two accounts (one gSuite and one personal gmail)
  • My notification settings on Mailspring is correct. (Show badge on the app icon = “Show Unread Count”)

I have the same behavior on macOS Monterey. Mailspring 1.9.2

Three Gmail accounts, one gSuite, one IMAP. Counts on each account show and are accurate. No badge icons on dock icon.

Possibly related, I toggled on “Show unread counts for all folders/labels” and it shows the total unread on the combined Inbox, but when I untoggle that setting it still shows the total on the combined Inbox

Same here. I have the same issue on linux. I installed libunity and desktop was already called “Mailspring.desktop” since it was installed from Arch+kde (not deb). I get badges for all the other apps except for mailspring. I really love mailspring and I definitely think it is the best email client but not getting counter badge on icon is a huge showstopper.
This needs to be fixed ASAP.