Be able to mark messses as read/unread from mesage list

The Problem

My workflow is to only mark mails as read, when I’ve processed them (not only read). Like a todo list.

Proposed Solution

To quickly put mails to read, I’d like an option (button) to do this in the message list. I know this from other mail clients. Where I expect that feature, mailspring has the “Star” option. On the right side, I find Snooze, Archive and Delete.
I’d like to have a toggle read/unread in either of the locations.

I know there’s keyboard shortcut (CTRL-Q) for this, but hitting this combo closes the App (on Linux/GNOME).

Alternative Solutions




I find myself missing this a lot too.

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I work the same way and would fine this option useful also.

@johnvorstermans Make sure you vote at the top to help raise the priority.