Block email tracking attempts

I would love to see an option to block email tracking attempts while displaying standard images.

Canary Mail does this well by automatically blocking most tracking pixels.


Airmail has recently started offering the same feature and so many extensions for Gmail.

While blocking all remote images is an option, a built-in blocker would be great to have.

(Originally posted by MikoMagni on GitHub.)

Hey! Ahh man this would be very cool. I started looking in to this, and it actually looks like we’re blocking a bunch of tracking pixels by default and without really alerting the user. We should probably make the functionality in the existing remove-tracking-pixels package optional and present it better. If anyone wants to pick this up, I think it could be structured / communicated almost exactly the way the messages-autoload-images plugin is!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Under the current implementation, what will happen if you open an email with mailspring tracking inside another mailspring client? Will the tracking be blocked?

(Originally posted by jeriewang on GitHub.)