Bug found when creating a new message


To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

For this bug to manifest, multiple e-mail accounts must be set up.

  1. Compose a new message
  2. Change the From field to a different account than the default. I chose an Alias for that account.
  3. Attempt to tab into the body of the message or click the message body. You won’t be able to get the cursor to appear so that you can start typing your message.

As a workaround I have to save the message as draft, back out, and reopen the draft. This is a HUGE inconvenience that needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Additional Context

I find something similar - when I change identity and the sig block is changed, then tab into the body of the email, the sig block is highlighted. To start writing the email, I use the arrow keys to ‘free’ the text and deselect the sig block. Does using the arrow keys like this get around it for you?

The problem seems to manifest when there is no signature configured. I chose an alias address that had no signature configured and that’s when I would encounter the problem. I noticed a signature selector on the far right and selected one. Now I can’t seem to reproduce the problem anymore. Strange. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll be sure to use it if I get stuck again.

Odd. But least least you’re able to work as you want (for now at least!). :stuck_out_tongue: