Bundle: Hackable


There are about as many different email workflows as there are users. Everyone has slightly different needs. Rather than try to come up with one configuration and collection of settings to satisfy all users, Mailspring should aim to be a hackable email client.

Proposed Components

Plugin Catalog: Discover, install, update, and toggle plugins individually, including all core plugins.
Theme Catalog: Discover install, and update themes.
Provide in-app JSON-based configuration and keymap editing.
Provide in-app JSON-based advanced account configuration.
Onboarding flow should allow the user to select sets of starter plugins based on their workflow.
Allow exporting/importing mail rules.
Flatpak distribution (better Linux coverage, less bugs).
Improving theme and plugin templates.
Plugin and theme development documentation.
(Proposed) Expand mail rules?
(Proposed) Allow syncing encrypted config file, keymap, and/or mail rules over Mailspring ID.



Big fan of kicking things off with this one in the near term and at least shipping the plugin + theme catalog. I’m hoping it’ll make it easier for folks to contribute (and surface more ways to contribute!) in the near future while the core team works on some of the big challenges.

We should probably add a line item in here for plugin documentation as well. I think ~some~ of the old docs are still usable, but it’s worth spending a few solid days and writing up better. I think some of the existing plugins like composer-templates are good starting points for other plugisn, but we may want to codify those as well somehow.