Bundle: Inbox


Improve the inbox experience through expanded notification settings and better message handling behavior.

Proposed Components

Overhaul message threading so each message can be acted on separately.
Allow threading to span inboxes.
Reply-to: offer in composer and honor in reply.
Per-account and per-folder notification settings.
Muting and per-account notification scheduling.
Improve folder management UX.
Allow moving messages between accounts.
User-defined mail storage settings (per account/folder?) and server ping frequency.
Allow users to select default actions and on-message action buttons.
Allow disabling IMAP or SMTP for an account.
(Proposed) Support IMAP-based message labels.



Hello, for me the feature
“Allow moving messages between accounts.”
It’s crucial, all other imap clients have this feature because allows having a main “storage” email address where save emails received in secondary email addresses.
I believe this should be a number one priority.

One nice feature would be to have the option to see the message preview under the message list, not only in the side of the message list, this is another common option that other email clients offer.

Desde mi experiencia y de las opciones propuestas:

  1. Mejora la UX de gestión de carpetas.
  2. Permitir mover mensajes entre cuentas.

Un abrazo y gracias

Sí, de nada. Pero, es solo una propuesta. ¡Hay prioridades muy altas! Tu votar es útil para priorizar.

(Aprendo español. Este es práctico bien.)