Buy pro features separately

Nowadays, with SAAS being so pervasive we can’t really sign up for everything we like or need.

I pay US$1/month to for their email tracking services. That price is for anual payments, monthly it costs 2 dollars.

Mailspring Pro has 10 main features, and realistically I’d be interested only in 2 or 3.

Eight dollars a month is not really that much, but multiplied by 12 months and then by the exchange rate in my local currency and it suddently becomes a high price.

So, say each feature costs 80 cents per month, if I want two it’d be $1.60 and because I’m not buying the whole package each feature should cost $1, so I’ll pay $2 per month.

I’ll go a little further

mailspring for free meets my needs, but I feel bad using a good service and not paying for it so the maintainers can keep the quality.

I caught myself looking several times at the pro subscription page and I do not subscribe because it is ~$8/month~ (I have the same problem of the dollar exchange rate, for my local currency today is ± x5), if it had a lower value, I would subscribe just to feel that I am helping to maintain (as I do with

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Yeah, mate, me too.
It’s a sweet app, truly well done, and I’d like to help it to have a long and productive life.
I’ve got a similar exchange rate: 4.75
And I’ve got too many services from abroad paid in dollars or euros.
So, for now, free version it is