Calendar Release Date?

I really love using MailSpring and want to make it my daily driver. But, one big downside is the lack of a calendar app. I see that a preview version is available for Google Calendars only although I use Outlook to manage my calenar.
Is there any news on when a full release for the calendar will be released?

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Yes, this would be good to know. I think extra functionality has crept in - I find that accepting an invitation in Mailspring adds the meeting to my Google Calendar, which is nice. The calendar view itself is basic but OK. For now at least, I’m still using Morgen as my calendar app (it’s currently the only good, modern calendar app for Linux AFAICS) but it’d be nice to have a properly integrated solution in Mailspring.

I too would like this. There are no real solutions on Linux for an integrated calendar/email app that works with GMail/Google for work. Co-workers use Thunderbird and the plugin, but their meets are always messed up - a native solution would be a game changer.

I emailed the devs asking for info on what it might take to sponsor this development, but I’ve not heard anything back. Maybe they watch these forums?